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April 21, 2021

EGU Presentation

Check out the EGU presentation on changes on debris cover in Austria.

You can access the study and browse the data interactively here:

January 11, 2021

New publication on debris cover evolution in Austria

We have a new paper out in Earth Surface Processes And Landforms on the changes of debris cover on glaciers in the Austria Alps. We used a threshold based approach to automatically map debris cover on Landsat images between 1996 and 2015. Our results indicate that debris cover increased by more than 10%, while glacier sizes decreased significantly. Read more are:

December 1, 2020

Graduate student wins thesis award by the Austrian Geographical Society

Heidi Bernsteiner, a gradute of our group, received the thesis award by the Austrian Geographical Society (ÖGG). Heide used a multimethod approach to study post glacial landscape evolution in the Austrian Alps. The titel of her thesis is: “After the ice: post glacial evolution of small overdeepened basins in the Eastern Alps – Lake Taferlklaussee, Austria.”. We congratulate her on this success. Well done Heidi!

September 18, 2020

Former member wins prestigious inaugural Postdoc award of the German Society for Geomorphology

Günther Prasicek wins the pretigious inaugural Post award of the German Society for Geomorphology. Günther did his PhD in our Group and currently works as PostDoc at the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics at the University of Lausanne. He was awarded for his research activities in glacial landscape evolution looking at the interactions of climate and tectonics.

We congratulate Günther on this award!

September 16, 2020

ESurf Highlight Papers

Two new publications by our colleague and PhD candidate Ingo Hartmeyer from Georesearch have been classified as highlight articles be the journal Earth Surface Dynamics.

8 years of hard work at the Kitzsteinhorn finally paid off. Ingo produced an impressive, unique data set of rockfall volumes and frequency.

Check out his papers:

Hartmeyer, I., Delleske, R., Keuschnig, M., Krautblatter, M., Lang, A., Schrott, L., and Otto, J.-C.: Current glacier recession causes significant rockfall increase: the immediate paraglacial response of deglaciating cirque walls, Earth Surf. Dynam., 8, 729–751,, 2020.

Hartmeyer, I., Keuschnig, M., Delleske, R., Krautblatter, M., Lang, A., Schrott, L., Prasicek, G., and Otto, J.-C.: A 6-year lidar survey reveals enhanced rockwall retreat and modified rockfall magnitudes/frequencies in deglaciating cirques, Earth Surf. Dynam., 8, 753–768,, 2020.