ESurf Highlight Papers

September 16, 2020 geoadmin

Two new publications by our colleague and PhD candidate Ingo Hartmeyer from Georesearch have been classified as highlight articles be the journal Earth Surface Dynamics.

8 years of hard work at the Kitzsteinhorn finally paid off. Ingo produced an impressive, unique data set of rockfall volumes and frequency.

Check out his papers:

Hartmeyer, I., Delleske, R., Keuschnig, M., Krautblatter, M., Lang, A., Schrott, L., and Otto, J.-C.: Current glacier recession causes significant rockfall increase: the immediate paraglacial response of deglaciating cirque walls, Earth Surf. Dynam., 8, 729–751,, 2020.

Hartmeyer, I., Keuschnig, M., Delleske, R., Krautblatter, M., Lang, A., Schrott, L., Prasicek, G., and Otto, J.-C.: A 6-year lidar survey reveals enhanced rockwall retreat and modified rockfall magnitudes/frequencies in deglaciating cirques, Earth Surf. Dynam., 8, 753–768,, 2020.